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Since 2014 our intention has been to make traditional French breads and pastries using artisan labor and equipment. Our breads and pastries are handcrafted by several French-trained artisans, jointed by highly-qualified local artisan bakers.

Handcrafted and baked throughout the day in our hearth deck Bongard bread oven, we bake daily baguettes, boule, epis, rye and last but not least, our sourdough.

Hand-rolled croissants, pain au chocolat, brioche, cookies, tarts and biscuits, are prepared in plain view in our open production bakery and often served still warm from our ovens. We also offer a range of delicious sandwiches and Focaccia on our lunch menu. Everything we make embodies our commitment to artisanal methods, natural ingredients and delicious food.

The heart of our bakery is a small, dedicated group of hardworking bakers and pastry chefs, retailers and office organizers who aim to do their best to serve customers well on a daily basis.

We’re grateful to our amazing staff, loyal customers and the most supportive local community who allow us to do work that we love every day.

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814 NE 6th Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33483, USA

(561) 266-3516

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